Eagle Scouts Cycling Across America

June 17 -  August 20, 2018 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I have to ride the entire 3,800 miles in 65 days to participate ? 
NO. You may join us anywhere along the ride and leave anytime. Riders who sign up for the entire ride or portions of the ride by December 31, 2017, will pay $4,000.00. or $65. per day. After December 31, 2017, the price will be $4,000. or $65. per day. Everything is covered in that cost except travel to and from the start and finish….and souvenirs.

Do you have to be an Eagle Scout to participate in the ride? 
NO. The ESCAA message for the ride revolves around personal fitness, nutrition and the values of the Scouting Program…and it is best delivered by Eagle Scouts. The bottom line is we want to share this message with as many Scouts and Scouters as possible along our journey and there will be some flexibility to encourage our mission.

What motivated such an unusual idea? 
Childhood obesity. Today’s youth lack a clear understanding of personal fitness and nutrition. This adventure offers us a chance to encourage other Scouts to live a healthy lifestyle. We want to pass on a message to not be afraid of dreaming big. But meeting as many Scouts as possible on our journey, we are just trying to make a difference in the future of our youth .

How could I possibly get in shape for such an event ? 

With one year left until we begin, anything is possible. We exercise 3-4 times a week. In the winter, when it is cold, we cross train with swimming, core exercises and aerobic classes or tapes. When spring arrives, we organize 3 bike rides a week and try to ride as a team. For Scouts from other states, we would be happy to work with you and help you schedule your workouts and set goals to shoot for.

What kind of cyclists attempt this adventure ? 

There will be riders from 14-65 attempting to ride the entire 3,800 miles. As for riders joining us for smaller segments, we have biked with 11 year olds who have finished a century ride (100 miles) in one day. It all depends on desire. You can be new to cycling but if you train correctly, you can accomplish amazing things.

How fast a pace do you ride? 
We ride a nice relaxed pace. On the flats 15-17 mph is normal while the big climbs can slow us down to 3-4 mph. In 2014, the entire group averaged between 13-15 mph for the entire trip from San Francisco to Virginia Beach. (ESCAA2014.org) We do break into groups and allow the faster riders to break off the rest of the pack. No one rides alone and no one gets left behind. The buddy system is always in play and everyone is carrying a cell phone if there is a mechanical problem.

What type of roads do you ride on?
The creation of the route starts by using Adventure Cycling maps. We then research the location of all close by Boy Scout Summer Camps and towns that have local Boy Scout Troops. This always puts us on paved, secondary roads that are, for the most part, very quiet. We do experience some traffic as we pass thru major cities but we avoid congestion where ever possible. Most roads have good shoulders and low traffic.

What kind of bike do I need for this ride? 

Any ride of this length will require a bike that is in excellent condition. A road bike is suggested. The newer and lighter the bike, the better the results will be. Extra road bikes will be stored in the support vehicle if a rider encounters a major issue. Bike Shops are located all along the route to help us if major repairs are necessary. All minor repairs can be handled by the riders that have bike shop mechanical experience.

What bike gear is needed? 
Riders must wear helmets whenever riding. In addition, riders should carry at least two water bottles, a spare tube, tools to change a flat tire and a rear reflector light. Most ESCAA riders will have a speedometer, a mount for their cell phone, padded bike shorts and a bike jersey capable of carrying a few snacks.

How does the rest of my gear get from stop to stop?
Each morning, every rider will be responsible for loading their own gear onto the support vehicle. Every rider will be supplied a specific storage location. The support vehicle will move the riders gear forward to the next location. All the riders need to carry are the essential listed above.
How much gear can I bring on the trip? 
While there is no maximum amount of luggage that a rider can bring on the trip, we encourage each rider to pack lightly and remember that we will be doing laundry regularly. A weeks worth of clothes and gear for all possible weather conditions should be adequate but we should be able to find enough room for whatever you bring.

How much experience does this group have coordinating long distance Cycling Trips? 
For each of the past 18 years, Scouts and Leaders have trained and successfully completed a long-distance Cycling Trip of at least a week in length. During that time, we have completed over 400,000 miles of cycling together. We have also participated in several organized events and learned valuable information from other talented cyclists. We have personally mapped out the ESCAA2018 course and will have driven it to verify the quality of the roads before the adventure begins.

Are meals included? 
What do we eat? Breakfast and dinner are included every day. What we eat will vary by location. Sometimes it will be prepared for us by our hosts and sometimes we will have to prepare it ourselves. There will also be several rest stops each day that will provide us with snacks and additional fluids. One of these rest stops will also supply lunch. If you have any special food requirements, please advise us ASAP. Each rider is expected to help out when asked and to clean up after themselves without being asked.

What type of overnight accommodations can we expect?

We will camp in tents, sleep on gym floors in sleeping bags, crash in homes on floors and couches, sleep in cabins, sleep at Boy Scout Camps, State Parks, and occasionally sleep in a hotel bed. Each night showers will be available…with an occasional night where swimming in the river might be the shower. Each rider should come with the appropriate gear to camp with tents, sleeping bags, pillows, towels and bathroom kits.

What time do we start riding and finish riding each day? 
Normal days, we will start riding by 8-9am and be finished by 3-4pm but on days where the mileage is longer or we are worried about severe heat…we will start as early as 7am. The support vehicle will typically provide a rest stop every 20 miles and be sent ahead after the lunch stop to check in at our resting spot each day. On long days, the support crew will drop the trailer, after checking in, and come back to provide us an additional rest stop. Once riders reach camp, they are responsible for setting up their areas and showering…and then volunteering to help get dinner ready by 6pm on the norm.

How do I get my bike and gear to the starting point? 
If you live in or near Fredericksburg, VA, you just need to bring everything over to us the night before we leave to drive to Seattle. If you wish to ride with us just be one of the first 18 to commit to a seat. If you plan to fly to Seattle, we will make arrangements to pick you up. You can get dropped of in Seattle and meet up with us…or you can meet up with us anywhere along the trip. We will work with you to be as creative as possible to get you and your bike and gear with us.

What is the cost and payment schedule for the ESCAA ride?
If you are paid in full by July 4, 2017 your cost is $3,200. For the entire trip or $50.00/day for every day you join us. If you join us after the early registration date, the cost of the entire trip will be $4,000. With $1,000. Nonrefundable due by December 31, 2017 and the balance paid by May 1, 2018. It is $6500./day for every day you join us if paying after July 4, 2017. All payments must be received in full by May 1, 2018.

Does ESCAA2018 need volunteers?
Always yes. As the group of riders increase in size, we will actively be looking for additional volunteers and vehicles. As of now we have two vehicles, two drivers and a massage therapist committed for the entire trip. If we end up with 25-30 riders, we will be ok but if we grow to our cap of 300, we will be adding vehicles and looking for additional volunteers.

How do I purchase ESCAA gear? 
Patches, water bottles, jerseys, t-shirts, team photos, etc. will be available while the supply lasts. Price lists and order process will be added to our website soon. ESCAA2018.org Any special orders, please contact us directly.
What kind of impact are we hoping this ride will create?
It would be nice to believe that our coreESCAA group will meet hundreds of fellow Scouts / Scouters / Cyclists / Reporters / Politicians / Community Citizens… and our message of personal fitness and nutrition will make an impact in all their lives…and a huge difference in at least one life…BUT…what we are certain of is that the entire core group of ESCAA will have their own lives forever changed. The effort, the teamwork, the planning, the fundraising, the focus and desire each member has invested on this journey… will change each of their lives , in a positive way, forever. The ESCAA team will forge a bond that will never be broken….